Wedding Dress Types and Themes

It has become quite evident that brides adore donning a dress that reflects their heritage, historical proclivities, modes and manners of season! On the bridal market today, there is cultural wedding attire, from a Celtic wedding gown to an African wedding gown to a Chinese wedding dress; there is Era wedding wear, from a Victorian wedding gown to a medieval wedding dress to an antique wedding gown; and there is weather-friendly wedding apparel to boot, from a winter wedding gown to a summer wedding dress to a tropical wedding dress! No discrepancy in decade, culture or climate can keep these brides from actualizing their dream wedding.

If you are the sort of bride who has imagined a fairy tale wedding dress since you were a wee lass, you are most likely looking for a Victorian wedding dress, a renaissance wedding gown or a vintage wedding gown whose stately sense of regality and romance sends you out onto the aisle in a veritable fantasy. A variation of this awe-inspiring image is the more serious, almost ascetic Gothic wedding dress or Gothic wedding gown that would resonate with any Cathedral ceremony.

Straying far from the serious Period dress is the casual beach wedding dress or the Hawaiian wedding dress. This modern wedding dress, perfect for a destination wedding on the shores of the Pacific Puerto Vallarta or the Atlantic Cape Cod, can be quite festive and feminine. A beach wedding gown works best with the saline sea and wind if fashioned with movable and simple fabric.

Brides that would like to give homage to their cultural and historical background while they celebrate a new romantic foreground should be delighted to learn that there are a multitude of styles and colors for an African wedding dress, Chinese wedding gown, Celtic wedding dress, Indian wedding dress and western wedding gown, to name a few. A regional or heritage dress like a western wedding dress can transform the microcosmic wedding ceremony joining two wonderful individuals into a macrocosmic union symbolic of the joining of backgrounds and the compromising of cultural and national differences. Familial guests who have traveled far will love to see not only the manifestation of their ancestry in the bride's wedding dress pattern, but also the joyous enrichment of that ancestry as the bride and groom set out on a new, diverse branch.

If your first marriage ceremony's classic and traditional nature was mirrored in your lace white dress, perhaps your second marriage ceremony's originality should be reflected in a diverse second wedding gown. A second marriage wedding dress can be a blow for freedom, a rejoicing that you were blessed with another chance. If you are audacious enough, you may toy with the idea of something glitzy, such as a celebrity wedding gown or an elegant celebrity wedding dress resembling a princess wedding gown of young royalty. So remember--with the perfect perspective, you can send your wedding guests plunging head over heals into your own vision!