Prom Dress Types

There are millions of teenage ladies now a days who have a penchant for a sexy prom dress. A flirty prom dress is, in fact, becoming accepted with increasing frequency and enthusiasm among young females every year. The notion of a "hot" prom dress is typically a loudly colored, artistically patterned or dangerously cut gown. A hot 2006 prom dress may manifest all of these traits. Another breed of prom dress that is popular among high school girls is the vintage prom dress, a sort of ball gown prom dress that is fuller and produces quite a theatrical effect.

For a formal prom dress, a young woman may even toy with the idea of a Gothic prom dress to wow the crowd upon prom entrance. However, a junior prom dress should probably be flirty yet toned-down (leave the statement making for your final high school year perhaps). The punk prom dress is on the rise for alternative teenagers who shun the pop-culture trappings of prom for the more motley patterned, cut and colored "I don't care" street appeal. If you are the type who takes the prom institution less seriously than you do yourself, you may be interested in the Halloween prom dress costume look. Why not have a little fun with this cliche event if you are not going to embrace its tradition?