Prom Dress Color

One of the most effective means of choosing your perfect color of prom dress is to peruse a prom dress catalog. You'll find that where a black prom dress or dark blue prom dress can be slimming, sexy and ultra-refined, a yellow prom dress can be fun and friendly (perhaps even inviting a dance or two). An orange prom dress is ideal for medium skin-toned girls while a pink prom dress or green prom dress picks up cool, pink-toned ladies' complexions nicely.

A gold prom dress is a flashy and flattering choice for darker skin tones or olive skin tones and generates a rather celebrity prom appearance. For a cultivated, elegant and tailored look, try on a black and white prom dress in an understated cut. Most importantly, don't be timid about looking for a prom dress online or going into a prom dress store to try several colors that best complement your body-type and your skin-tone.