Wedding Dress Color

Although a classic white lace wedding dress is a popular fancy for many a young bride and indeed makes for an elegant wedding gown, a colored wedding dress can be a sassy and unconventional option for distinguishing your ceremony, especially in the event of a themed wedding. A destination wedding on the beach is the ideal spot where the bride can wrap herself in a pastel blue or pink wedding gown. A pink wedding dress is also notable bridesmaid apparel for a traditional wedding. A colored wedding gown for the bride can make a splash.

Where a plain lace wedding gown might exude a prim and even parochial energy (or rather non-energy), a colored wedding gown exalts the bride as an enthusiastic and energetic rule breaker who strays from tradition to embrace her own conception of bridal energy. However, a traditional Indian wedding is a cultural exception in which the bride proudly wears a red wedding dress or a red sari. In this case, a brightly colored wedding gown and classic custom coincide; so you see, a colored wedding dress not only falls under aesthetics but also ancestry.